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const char* YAJL_API yajl_status_to_string ( yajl_status  code  ) 

attain a human readable, english, string for an error

Definition at line 43 of file yajl.c.

References yajl_status_client_canceled, yajl_status_error, yajl_status_insufficient_data, yajl_status_ok, and yajl_status_to_string().

Referenced by yajl_status_to_string().

    const char * statStr = "unknown";
    switch (stat) {
        case yajl_status_ok:
            statStr = "ok, no error";
        case yajl_status_client_canceled:
            statStr = "client canceled parse";
        case yajl_status_insufficient_data:
            statStr = "eof was met before the parse could complete";
        case yajl_status_error:
            statStr = "parse error";
    return statStr;

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