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yajl_parse.h File Reference

#include <yajl/yajl_common.h>
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struct  yajl_callbacks
struct  yajl_parser_config


typedef struct yajl_handle_tyajl_handle


enum  yajl_status { yajl_status_ok, yajl_status_client_canceled, yajl_status_insufficient_data, yajl_status_error }


YAJL_API yajl_handle yajl_alloc (const yajl_callbacks *callbacks, const yajl_parser_config *config, const yajl_alloc_funcs *allocFuncs, void *ctx)
YAJL_API void yajl_free (yajl_handle handle)
YAJL_API void yajl_free_error (yajl_handle hand, unsigned char *str)
YAJL_API unsigned int yajl_get_bytes_consumed (yajl_handle hand)
YAJL_API unsigned char * yajl_get_error (yajl_handle hand, int verbose, const unsigned char *jsonText, unsigned int jsonTextLength)
YAJL_API yajl_status yajl_parse (yajl_handle hand, const unsigned char *jsonText, unsigned int jsonTextLength)
YAJL_API yajl_status yajl_parse_complete (yajl_handle hand)
YAJL_API const char * yajl_status_to_string (yajl_status code)

Detailed Description

Interface to YAJL's JSON parsing facilities.

Definition in file yajl_parse.h.

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